Reduce Your Amortization And Pay Off Your Mortgage Years Sooner

Mortgage Refinancing OR TURN DOWN BY A BANK

Mortgage Broker in Winnipeg, Manitoba

There are lots of reasons that people need to refinance their mortgage. Here are a few:

  • Pay off high interest credit cards
  • You want just one monthly payment instead of several
  • Free up money to start or expand a business
  • Pay out a consumer proposal
  • Getting a divorce and needing to pay off spouse
  • Free up money for a home renovation
  • Free up money to purchase a cottage or rental property

Laurie can help you get the maximum amount of equity out of your home. Even if your bank has approved you Laurie can often get you a larger amount or a lower interest rate. It makes sense to call Laurie first.

Looking for the best mortgage refinance rates in Winnipeg, MB? Talk to Laurie Boudreau, expert mortgage broker in Winnipeg, MB who will help you to make the mortgage refinance process simple and stress free.

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