Client Reviews

Here are some testimonials from recent clients:

I highly recommend Laurie! She truly cares about her clients and wants to help them in anyway she can. My husband and I had a bit of a complicated house purchase and she went above and beyond to make sure everything was taken care of in our best interest. Very much appreciated all that she did!!

Rebecca Buchanan

Laurie handled my mortgage renewal and with very little time to prepare did a fantastic job. My wife and I were able to renew our mortgage without having to leave the comfort of our home and she managed to get us the lowest rate of 2023.
I can’t recommend her enough she was thoughtful professional and very detailed. She was easy to get ahold of and seemed to always be available.
Look forward to obtaining her services for our next renewal and will definitely obtain her services when it’s my kids time to buy a house .

Tim Riddell

We reached out to Laurie to ask about refinancing options and in the initial phone call she was able to give us a lot of great information. As we had more questions, Laurie's answers were prompt and she gave us great advice to help us make sure we were getting a good deal with our mortgage provider. She even pointed us to a grant for the work we wanted to do on our house. We were very impressed with the quality of service from Laurie.

Rosalie Best

As first-time homebuyers, the prospect of purchasing our dream house in Winnipeg, while residing in Vancouver, initially felt like a daunting endeavor. Laurie, however, effortlessly transformed this complex process into a surprisingly manageable journey.

Even with the geographical distance, Laurie's commitment to us shone through. Her availability and readiness to simplify and clarify the mortgage process meant that we never felt lost, despite being new to the housing market. Her tireless efforts to secure us the best possible mortgage rate were deeply appreciated, making us feel like a top priority.

From start to finish, Laurie exceeded our expectations, and we highly recommend her services to anyone in need of a mortgage broker. Her role was pivotal in transitioning our dream of homeownership into a reality.

Spenser Smith

I initially picked castle mortgages due to the positive reviews. I was relocating from Ontario to Manitoba and did not know any particular company. Laurie Boudreau was/is amazing! She was friendly, professional, knowledgeable and on the ball. I did not have to follow up constantly to find out where things were at. She made my experience quick and effortless. I appreciated her expertise and additional time she spent helping me establish contacts for work I needed to get done on my home. A real gem. Highly recommend Castle Mortgage ❤️

Christine Sokaluk

I 100% recommend Laurie Boudreau to anyone looking for a mortgage. She quickly found a great mortgage partner and had me preapproved for my house purchase. Even in a time of increased mortgage rates, she got me a really great rate, lower than posted. If you are self employed, do yourself a favor, your first conversation should be with Laurie.

Sophia Schroeder, CPA, CGA

After a less than satisfactory experience with another broker, I got in contact with Laurie; someone I now consider a permanent part of my professional network.

Laurie took the time to understand my needs as a client, added her personal touch to provide me with knowledge, and ultimately secured a product that was well suited to my situation. Laurie is highly professional, friendly and will work diligently to get the job done.

Thank you for efforts and an overall great experience.

Joel Tate

Working with Laurie has been great. I’m new to getting a mortgage and she has explained every detail and answered all the questions I had and got me a lower rate than what I was expecting. Professional and easy to work with.

Jude Nabas

Laurie was a great from start to finish of the exciting experience of buying my first home. She ensured the process was smooth and easy for my Wife and I. All interactions were very friendly and had me laughing but also very professional and ensured all questions of ours were answered. For all first time home buyers I would recommend Laurie to ease the perceived stresses of a mortgage application!

Derek Venderbos

I am so glad we found Laurie to have been our mortgage broker last year. She is very experienced and knowledgeable and her confidence put us at ease even when rates and markets were changing, she knew how to navigate this and see for what was ahead and take action quickly. She has become a friend to us and I highly recommend choosing Laurie as a mortgage broker!

Shannon B

I have used Laurie for my last couple of mortgages and have also recommended her to family and friends. She works hard to ensure you get the best rate possible and continues to touch base with you after the purchase is complete.

Marti Ford

Laurie Boudreau is very knowledgeable. She went above and beyond to help us to get the best mortgage rate. She has demonstrated to us excellence and professionalism throughout the process of getting a mortgage. I refer all my friends to Laurie, because she will do an exhausting search to get you the best rate. I can’t thanks Laurie enough for the amazing work she has done to us.

Tania Banze

We had a very positive experience with Laurie when purchasing our home. I was working with a bank but they took longer than we expected to give us a feedback and our offer timeline was going to pass as well. That's where Laurie did step in and tried all the possibilities and arranged a mortgage for us.
More than arranging the mortgage she has shared many important points so we can review options before making a decision. She has a vast knowledge on first time home buying process. Adding to that Laurie work even in evening hours, when there is a necessity, to make things speed up and truly care for her clients.
One thing I wanted to highlight is Laurie never prioritise clients based on their budget, but she gives her time adequately to everyone based on the requirements.
I can highly recommend Laurie for anyone who is looking to finalise a mortgage and Im sure she will provide many options with good rates.

R S Jay

Being self-employed while trying to purchase my first home was very difficult. Laurie went above and beyond and took the time to explain all of my options as well as getting me the best possible rate. She is very friendly and professional. I highly recommend her to anyone and will be using her again in the near future. Thank you Laurie!

Julien Gobeil

Laurie, I can't thank you enough for all you did to make my mortgage happen! Above and beyond doesn't describe enough your friendliness, experience and willingness to help. The knowledge and networking that you have is immeasurable, I am truly grateful. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you, thank you!!!

Tamara C

My husband and I greatly appreciate all the assistance you have provided. If there is anyone we know that could benefit and use your mortgage services we will indeed, without hesitation, be sending them your way. A big thank-you from the both of us.

Marlene N

Laurie has helped me with the purchase of both of my homes and made them such a pleasurable and worry free experiences.

As someone who is self employed, young and single, I had seemingly everything working against me according to the banks. I was told by a few separate banks that it wasn't going to be possible for me to get a house on my own. I was severely discouraged and frustrated!

A friend of a friend gave me Laurie's contact info, and I figured I'd get the same response, but what did I have to lose?

Within 2 phone calls she had given me hope! We set up a meeting and the next thing you know I was pre-approved and house hunting.

Not once did I ever hear the words no, not possible, too high risk or you can't do this on your own.

I would highly recommend Laurie's services to anyone and everyone! She made both times such a breeze and is a delight to work with!


Selkirk, MB

Its is amazing how overwhelming buying your first house and moving into a house can be, but were getting there. We have painted everything, ripped up all the carpet, and redone the hardwoods, and just finished putting in new bathroom fixtures, and painting the kitchen cupboards is the next thing on the agenda, but we are almost all moved in, and we will officially be out of the apartment on Friday AM. So that's fantastic. We also wanted to thank you again for all the work you did for us, especially right up to the day of possession. I knew when I first talked to you after the whole RBC fiasco, that I had made the right choice with who we had looking out for our mortgage and our interests. I have told everyone who has a mortgage, or is thinking of getting one about you and how wonderful you were. So expect some business.... Thanks again, we couldn't have done it without you!

Kelly & Kyle

(Happy new home owners)

Winnipeg, MB

I was referred to Laurie from A friend last year and have since gotten 3 mortgages thru Laurie!! Her service is absolutely fantastic


Oakbank, MB

Two years ago bills were piling up, we were getting behind on payments, the stress of money and paying these bills was taking its toll on our marriage. My husband and I came to the conclusion that filing bankruptcy was our only way out. After 21 months of making payments on our bankruptcy, we could not be discharged because of surplus owing. I made the call to Laurie and explained our situation to her and she was very compassionate and understood where I was coming from. Laurie did a lot of foot work to help get us a second mortgage so we could pay off our surplus and get discharged from bankruptcy, paid off property taxes we were behind, paid our CRA account off, and got our LOC paid. We are now financially stress free, we can put our past behind us and move forward. I'm not sure how we would have done it without the help from Laurie. She works with you and your financial situation to help get you the best options for your situation. We would recommend Laurie for any of your financial needs. Thank you again Laurie.


Stonewall, MB

The fall of 2016 I felt overwhelmed with my mortgage and debt. I had been working so much overtime at work, only just to maintain high mortgage payments living pay check to paycheck. For the life of me I did not see a way out, my everyday was consumed with work, getting overtime and how much my check would be. In frustration one day I cried on the phone with credit aid and the next week I received a call from the boss. Telling me he was concerned for me and how about we start the ball rolling on moving my mortgage.

This is when Laurie Boudreau came into my life!!

Scared and ashamed I told her everything, got all the papers ready that she needed and went for that first meeting. Within seconds I felt relaxed and for the first time I saw a light. The day I got the email she found the right bank to move my mortgage and cut my payments and interest down. I just sat there and cried.

The day I thought I would never see had finally arrived!!!

Since then I have started to live again, cut back on the overtime at work. Getting my life in order, and able to pay off other debts.

I could not have asked for a better Mortgage specialist then Laurie Boudreau, a kind hearted woman who worked so very hard to help me out.

Lisa B

Winnipeg, MB

After my divorce trying to move forward with some financial issues that were not in my control, I needed to seek the services of a mortgage broker. I was not eligible to continue with my former mortgage holder. I sought out some references for a new mortgage broker and decided to work with Laurie Boudreau after a friend's favorable report of what she was able to do for her. Laurie worked hard to analyze my situation and find me a new mortgage provider. I was able to move forward with confidence in my new life. Trying to recover financially after a divorce is a challenge, having Laurie's expertise and suggestions in working with financial and mortgage management has certainly helped ease the stress.


Winnipeg, MB